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Why Your Business Needs Printed Stretch Film

Printed Stretch Film is starting to be used widely across the UK.

It's a brilliant way to promote your business/brand. The high quality printing with computer aided graphics will mean that your print will not become distorted when applied, giving your goods that professional touch.

Additionally, it makes your goods security wrapped (you can easily see if it's been tampered with), leaving you with peace of mind during transit.

You can have anything printed in up to 2 colours, that could be your companies logo, the name of the product, or even just 'fragile' to let people know to be extra careful with your goods. 

Printed Stretch Film is available in all applications, hand, machine and power pre-stretch, on clear or opaque film.

Give us a call today to discuss your Printed Stretch Film on 01604 644100 or email us at

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