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How do you calculate the cost of your wrapping operations?

It's all too easy to look at the initial price of a roll of film and assume that's all you need to consider when ordering wrap, but does a cheaper roll provide good value for money when used?

Based on your current film specification, how much material do you use for each pallet?

If you wrap a large amount of product each day or week, you may find yourself going through a significant amount of thicker or less efficient film, which may raise your overall wrapping costs in the medium to long term.

Furthermore, budget films may not provide enough tension to maintain high integrity for your pallets in storage or transit, potentially losing stability over a short period of time. This results in potential damage to interior packaging and product; additional costs that may need to be considered when shipping.

"Changing to a high-quality specialist wrap may, at first, appear to increase
the initial cost per roll... but the benefits gained in terms of efficiency and

performance will make vastly greater long-term savings."

We’ve listed just a few reasons why this is below:


1: High Stretch

Our Goliath hand films stretch 100 percent when used, whereas standard hand films can only stretch 25 percent before losing retention performance and tearing. This means that you only need to use half the material to secure a pallet for shipment. Similarly, our Goliath and ExcelAir machine films can stretch between 100 and 300 percent, which means that each roll can wrap far more pallets than a conventional film. As a result, far less wrapping material is required for each load shipped.

2: Reduced Ordering Costs

You can reduce the number of rolls required for your wrapping operations by using specialised stretch film that travels two or three times the distance (yield) of standard stretch film. Further optimisation of the wrap configuration is possible due to the films amazing performance. This reduces purchasing costs, frees up valuable storage space, and reduces the time spent replacing finished reels. In addition, fewer deliveries result in reduced transport costs, fuel usage and emissions.

3: Maintain Quality

Reduced material use does not imply decreased quality. Specialist films have a high durability and tension, ensuring the integrity and safety of the pallet throughout its journey. This also improves the presentation of your goods on the pallet, allowing for easy bar-code reading and a clear view of your primary products.

4: Reduce Waiting Times

Perforated films allow hot or moisture-laden products to cool or dry while being wrapped, eliminating the need for dedicated time and space in your busy operations. ExcelAir can cut your cooling times by more than 50 percent, saving you both time and money.

5: Return on Investment

We understand that your primary revenue is dependent on your products. Our films have been designed to protect and preserve your shipments, with the goal of minimising damage or spoilage of loads. This results in higher profit margins on each consignment delivered.

"By embracing the latest technology in high performance films,

you can reduce film usage by up to 70% and costs by 50%."

6: Film Waste

Our films have reinforced edging, which not only ensures a stronger wrap, but also allows rolls to be dropped, thrown or run over and still unwind without issue, unlike standard films which will continue to tear. We calculated that approximately 13% of standard pallet wrap is discarded without being used due to performance issues. This is something to think about during the purchasing process.

7: Staff Productivity

Employees who dislike using pallet wrap are common in fast-paced warehousing and distribution. Standard films require far more effort to use because they are not flexible and cannot deal with protrusions, increasing the risk of strain and injury. Unreliable film, which frequently tears and fails, can frustrate and reduce productivity, especially near the end of a shift. Goliath film requires far less effort and your employees will appreciate your investment in their tools.

It is not a difficult or lengthy procedure.

Goliath and ExcelAir films can be easily installed on existing machinery or introduced for hand wrapping, with no extra effort!

Contact us today and we will walk you through the process; pallet wrap is all we do.

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